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Chanella Vayara

Characters by Joree

Chanella Vayara

tHe gIrL~

     Upon first meeting Chanella Vayara, one might think she is a nice enough girl, but a bit ditzy. Okay, so that's true, but she's a lot more than that. Chan is very loyal to her friends and for the most part, will do anything to help them out. She is a bit vain, but vanity aside, she is a well-rounded young woman. She can have lapses in judgement, though, and if you sit her down with a bottle of wine....well, you can guess what'll happen.


Full name: Chanella Rell Esperanza Magdalena Sofia Vayara



Date of Birth: October 21st, 1989

Year: 6th

Schools Attended:Escuela Elementeria Nacional de Guatemala, Hogwarts    School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Hufflepuff

Blood: Pure

Nationality: Guatemalan

-Mother: Mariana Vayara
-Father:Cesar Vayara
    +Adrienne Vayara
    +Magdalena Vayara
    +Karina Vayara
    +Coco (Corinnetta) Vayara
    +Diego Vayara
    +Ruben Vayara
    +Francisco Vayara


Romantic Relations: Robert Draconis, 7th year Slytherin.

Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 104 pounds

Hair color: Dark brown, almost black.

Hair type and length: Curly, waist-length.

Eyes: Sapphire blue

Skin color: Caramel-gold (or olive)

Usual Outfit:
-School uniform
-Some kind of minidress, or a skirt and blouse, high heels.

-Caring for pets, doing makeup, experimenting with hairstyles, studying for Care of Magical Creatures, hanging out with her boyfriend, Robert, designing clothes.

Opti or Pessi? Optimist

Wand hand: Left

-14 1/2 inches
-Unicorn hair and dragon heartstring

Place of Birth: San Juan Obispo, Guatemala.

Current place of residence: Outside of L.A., California, U.S.A.

Favorite color:Buttercup yellow, lavender, and light pink.

Favorite accesory: Sunglasses and sandals.

Quidditch position: Beater

Side jobs: Model for Teen Witch Weekly

School positions: Prefect

Favorite food: Anything super-spicy!

Personal quotes: "The only thing worth bending down for while one is wearing a mini-skirt is if you suspect a guy is staring down your shirt and you accidentally-on-purpose dropped your quill."
"Why am I so hot?"

Future ambition: To become a magical zoologist/fashion designer.

All characters (c) 2005 Joree Cisneros