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Kerry Jo Cisneros

Characters by Joree

Kerry Jo Cisneros

tHe gIrL~
-coming soon-

tHe fAcTs~
Full name: Kerry Jo Cisneros

Nicknames: Only her father can call her Ker-Bear, but she makes everyone else call her Jo.

Gender: Female

Age: 14

DOB: October 21st, 1991

Year: 3rd

House: Ravenclaw

Blood: Muggle-born

Typical Stereotype: Punk or Goth, but she prefers to be called “unique”.

Hair Color: Dark brown with copper highlights

Eye color: Grey

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 131 lbs.

Complexion: Olive

Heritage: Mexican

Build: Athletic

Personality: Very clever and witty. Extremely smart, though she barely uses her wisdom. Does well in classes that don’t require a lot of creativity, such as Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts. She is a true rebel, very feisty, and hardcore. She would rather be street fighting, running, or kickboxing than studying or reading.

Hobbies: Running track, kickboxing, street fighting , eating.

Current place of Residence: Hogwarts/ West Philly

Social Group: Lower Middle Class

History: Kerry was born to a Muggle mother and father. Her parents both came to Philly from Mexico when they were young. She was born when they were both twenty years old. Her home is in West Philadelphia, where she was born, and she lives with her father, Adrian, her mother and her aunties Carmen, China, and Carolyna. Kerry was always a tomboy, and she started rebelling around age 11. She has been to Juvie so many times...Let’s say they know her there. Very well. Finally, her mother Kassidy got sick and tired of her antics, and she made Kerry go with her Tia China when she moved to England, and attend a strict reform/boarding school. While she was there, hating her life and making everyone miserable, she received her letter from Hogwarts.

All characters (c) 2005 Joree Cisneros