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Violet Brackish
Characters by Joree

Violet Brackish

tHe wOmAn~
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tHe fAcTs~
Name: Violet Roseheart Brackish
Birthday: December 16
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 137 lbs.

Occupation: Violet has worked for various prestigeous captains, and is working on getting a ship of her own. Therefore, she is currently for hire to do pretty much any odd job you can think of, for a nominal fee, of course.
 Now working for Captain Anne Bonney.

Appearance: Has golden-brown skin and thick, dark brown hair that rests near her elbows in soft, loose curls. One of her almond-shaped eyes is bright green, the left being dark cocoa brown. On her left cheek reaching from her lower eyelid to her jawline is a faint scar that resulted from a fight with a gryphon. This gryphon's claw now hangs from a gold chain around her neck, along with two small, gold rings (more on those later). She also usually wears two small, emerald and sapphire-encrusted hoop earrings, a ruby nose stud, and a ruby-and-opal pinkie ring. Occasionally she can be seen with a braided gold wreath around her forehead. She wears floaty white blouses with black corsettes or red silk sashes, with a brown leather or black velvet vest over it, accompanied by black skirts or black pants. She also has two pairs of sturdy, knee-high boots, black and brown. A brown leather belt is always slung over her hips. From it hangs a fine (stolen) pistol with ivory-inlaid handles and a silver sword with a sharp diamond tip. She also has a fine emerald green velvet coat and matching plumed hat, which she is saving for when she becomes captain of her own ship.

Personality: Violet has a devil-may-care attitude and she doesn't stop to think about the consequences of her actions. She is rather greedy and often only acts on grounds of personal gain. occasionally flirtacious if it means she gets something out of it. In spite of being a hard drinker, she is very ambitious.

History: Born to a poor woman and one of her...clients, a sailor. Violet grew up wondering what her purpose was, and at the age of seven, found it reading books about old pirates. She was branded a wicked girl at school (for good reason) and therefore dropped out at the age of sixteen. A year later, while browsing through a stolen book, she discovered an interesting piece of information: There were seven gold rings hidden in certain places that, when gathered together and strung on a gold chain, would give the wearer "eternal glory". Unsure of what this might be, but attracted to the idea nonetheless, Vi has collected two of the rings and is endlessly searching for the other five.

All characters (c) 2005 Joree Cisneros